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About the museum

The Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting  Museum is one of the world’s largest private museums, dedicated to Chinese traditional art – the Chinese calligraphy (shufa) and painting (guohua ), located outside the People’s Republic of China.

The museum’s collection includes more than 200 works by contemporary Chinese authors, including Su Shishu, the Chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association,  Zhao Xueli, an outstanding Chinese calligrapher, (Heilongjiang Province),  Fan Chuxen, one of the famous artists of modern China, Hua Ge, a calligrapher from Hong Kong and just a living legend, and many other  famous Chinese calligraphers and artists. The guests of the museum will be able to see all the variety of styles and a wide geography of Chinese traditional art, learn the depth and philosophy of China and, most importantly, discover a new and interesting China, very deep and subtle, which will not leave anyone indifferent! Welcome to the Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Museum!