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Xi’an Stele Forest 6th Chinese Calligraphy Competition

Xi’an Stele Forest is not only a treasury of stone culture in the East, but also a place of collection of treasures of calligraphic art of all dynasties

Folk Master Cup

The Capital of Baby Strollers, the City of Good People, Pingxiang County, Hebei Province will again become the culmination of the creative activity of folk calligraphy.

Calligraphic China Competition

The competition is divided into two parts according to the age of the participants: Youth Group and Adult Group, and according to writing styles, the competition is also divided into five groups: Zhuan, Li, Kai, Xing, Cao.

The Cup of Four Halls large calligraphic exhibition

Based on the success of the first five contests, the Chinese Writing Museum decided to organize a sixth The Cup of the Four Halls exhibition of calligraphy to promote the development of China’s remarkable traditional culture

Shanghai Calligraphy Miniature Exhibition

2020 is the year China is engaged in the comprehensive construction of a prosperous society.

Chinese writing Calligraphic forum 2020

As a high-level international academic event, the Chinese Writing Calligraphic Forum has created a good communication platform with high academic standards for a huge number of calligraphy researchers and has played a positive role in unlocking outstanding research talents in calligraphy

China Mobile Cup Calligraphy teacher competition for elementary and secondary schools in Guizhou province

The competition is held by Guizhou Pedagogical University and the Guizhou Province Calligrapher Association, co-organized by the Guizhou Art Gallery. Currently, the competition has already completed verification and evaluation of works.

Zhu Yijun Calligraphic Competition in Jiaxing City

In the course of numerous discussions, it was decided to hold the Second Zhu Yizun Calligraphic Competition in Jiaxing City

Chinese calligraphy steel pen competition

The Chinese steel pen calligraphy competition is recognized as the most authoritative and high-end hard pen calligraphy competition in China, the competition has made outstanding contributions to the hard pen calligraphy promotion

Arbor of Orchids Calligraphy Award

The Arbor of Orchids Calligraphy Award is the only national highest award in the field of calligraphy art, approved by the Central Propaganda Department, and the highest professional award in the art of calligraphy in China