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Six Key Points for Beginners to Learn Hard Pen Calligraphy

Six basic points that you need to know for those who begin to study the hard pen calligraphy and will be very useful to all beginners to master this technique.

Sun Gotin on calligraphy: the style and manner of writing hieroglyphs depends on the character of a person

Everyone studies Wang Xizhi and all according to the same calligraphic copybooks; however, after a certain period of training, the hieroglyphs written by different people are significantly different from each other: in some they are stronger and more powerful, in others they are more elegant, and as a result the same hieroglyph in different people looks different.

Why are landscape paintings created from a far rather than close range?

Being the descendants of Yandi and Huangdi, we have seen many landscape paintings since childhood. A close examination can always reveal one nuance, regardless of whether the painting belongs to the conceptual style (“painting of ideas”) or the style of “diligent brush”, the style of salon painting or painting by unprofessional artists, but most landscape works are created from afar rather than at close range.

Sun Goting, “Calligraphy Manual (Shupu)”: only the “form” is not enough for calligraphic works, , you also need a feeling

Sun Goting was a famous calligrapher during the reign of Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty. Currently, his name is well known to the lovers of calligraphy, and his calligraphic works are recognized. However, during his lifetime, he was not widely known and did not have much influence

What features does the calligraphy of the transition letter from sinshu style to tsaoshu style have?

In the transition letter from sinshu style to caoshu style, there are no such template rules as in kaishu style, it can be considered a style of sinshu with elements of caoshu, or caoshu with elements of sinshu

It turns out that the basic calligraphy technique is not a Kaishu writing

There are people who say that Kaishu is the basic calligraphy technique. Is this statement true?

The effect of calligraphy on child development

Каллиграфия изначально несет в себе образовательную функцию, оказывающую определенное влияние незаметно, дает возможность ребенку вместе с изучением каллиграфии ощутить и практиковать красоту.