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The National Art School of Beautiful Writing

Training Program: the techniques of writing hieroglyphic traits and radicals, the main elements of hieroglyphs, basic skills in hieroglyphic ink writing, writing simple hieroglyphs.

The Confucius Institute at the Lomonosov Moscow State University

Every Saturday, we conduct calligraphy classes with a master from China, Qiu Guangzhong, for students of the Confucius Institute of the Moscow State University.

Love Chinese

Chinese calligraphy courses are useful and interesting not only to future Orientalists, but also to all those who are attracted by Asian magic.

The Art of Balance School

Imagine that you have found yourself an island of harmony in this busy world. You are engaged in the fine art of calligraphy, which gives peace and tranquility

Kazan Federal University

In recent years, interest in China, its culture and history has increased. Participants and students are interested not only in the conversational aspects of the language, but also in its hieroglyphics

The Confucius Institute (The Far East Federal University)

The course is aimed at familiarizing students of The Confucius Institute of The Far East Federal University with the basics of Chinese calligraphy technology, which is an outstanding phenomenon of Chinese culture and symbolizes education and involvement in high art in traditional China

The Wu Xing Painting School

An artist working in the technique of Chinese painting and Wu Xing must be able to combine painting and calligraphy in his drawing


Here, Western civilization, its artistic and aesthetic traditions are closely intertwined with the East, and is laden with the culture and wisdom of China and Japan.

The Mandarin School

The Mandarin School team has developed a special associative technique that will help you quickly remember the hieroglyphs and master the material when drawing

The Russian-Chemise Educational & Scientific Center “Confucius Institute of the Russian State University for Humanitites”

The Confucius Institute of the Russian State University for Humanities is a Russian-Chinese educational and scientific center, created in September 2007 jointly by the Russian State University for the Humanities and the Chinese University of Economics and Foreign Trade (Beijing) under the patronage of the Chinese Language Promotion Office under the PRC government