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Lu Wei


The 6th Vice-President and the 7th Honorary Chairman of the Foshan Artists Association, Director of Foshan Chapter of Central Fine Art Academy of China Democratic League, Director of Foshan Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute.


Lu Wei, also known by his penname Wei Ge.

Graduated from Art Department of Guangdong Industry College and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Editor-in-Chief. Member of China Artists Association, Board Member of Guangdong Artists Association, Board Member of Guangdong Chinese Painting Institute, Artist at Beijing Chinese Art Co., Special Artist at Foshan Art Gallery, Member of Xiao Cao Art Studio Group, Member of Wugu Visual Arts Group. His “Spring in Yaoshan Mountaints” series was selected for display at the Second National Artworks Exhibition for Young Artists. His work were also presented at the 2008 Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition, the Ministry of Culture – Chinese Cultural Week – Dubai Art Exhibition, the 6th, 7th and 12th Editions of National Artworks Exhibition etc.

In September 2011 his ink piece “Home” was selected for the 2011 Magnificent Pudong National Artworks Exhibition by China Artists Association. In October 2012 his color ink painting “River Boats in the Spring” was selected for the New Image of Brush and Ink – 2012 National Artworks Exhibition by China Artists Association.

In 2013 his works received Five-One Project Award of the Ministry of Culture. “Four Brothers” and nine other picture books were included in National Publication Foundation Project “56 National Tales – Illustrated by Famous Artists” Collection.

In 2014 the illustrated collection of 56 Chinese Tales were published by Tianjing Publishing House.

He took part in “Xiang” Exhibition by Japanese Book Society, in multiple exhibitions in Frankfurt, Germany, New World Centre in Singapore, Great Exhibition Hall in Hongkong etc. He had numerous publications and specials devoted to his work.