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Young Chinese calligrapher earns money from tourists

As the saying goes: every profession has its own craftsmen. This phrase is very suitable for this young man in a photograph who paints hieroglyphs with a brush. This place is located next to the Shuyuan Gate in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province. Dan Boven, who is only 24 years old this year, writes hieroglyphs for tourists in his tent. Do not underestimate this young man playing with a brush. He makes money by writing hieroglyphs and painting on the street, while his monthly income can be much higher than most office workers. During the peak period, his monthly income can reach 50,000 yuan.

Deng Boven came from Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, and began to practice calligraphy as a child. You should not look at the fact that he is very young; he has been studying calligraphy for 17 years, and painting for 11 years. He also spent more than 100,000 yuan to study painting and calligraphy in Beijing, Gansu, Xi’an and other cities; even now he still does not stop studying, constantly learns and overcomes himself every day.

Every day he works for more than 10 hours, thanks to this, his income is rather big. “Set up”, “too complicated”, “sweet girl” and other popular Internet expressions that he writes on folding fans are in great demand.

The real name of Dan Boven (translator’s note: “Boven” from Chinese means “possess extensive knowledge”) is Dan Pingyuan. As a child, after he began to engage in calligraphy with a teacher, the teacher who taught him gave him this name. Dan Boven says: “Teacher changed my name, possibly hoping that through my diligence and studiousness in my studies I will become highly educated and talented.” Dan Boven also says: “I love calligraphy and painting since childhood, my family environment also influenced me.” Dan Boven’s parents are engaged in painting and calligraphy business, they have calligraphy and painting shops in Gansu and Xi’an.

In addition to selling paintings and calligraphy on the streets of Xi’an, there are currently four to five painting and calligraphy shops selling his paintings and calligraphy works, whose income during the peak season reaches more than 50,000 yuan per month. In the photograph, tourists watch paintings and calligraphic works in his tent.

His works have become so popular, because besides the fact that they have a solid foundation of painting and calligraphy, this is also due to the fact that he can better understand the needs of the market and knows what the youth of his age love, for example, writing the popular Internet slang in a calligraphic form on a folding fan, this is a kind of innovation.

Dan Boven also said that a good income can only mean that people love his work, and in the future he will study even harder. Chinese traditional culture is deep and multifaceted, has charm. He hopes more people will get to know and study Chinese traditional culture.

Despite his young age, Dan Boven has already become a teacher, and although each of the five students is about 50 years old, they admire his skills.

On the photo: Dan Boven’s calligraphic work “Sweet Girl”, as well as other expressions of Internet slang made on a folding fan. To some people who see this, it may seem unrealistic that you can write several characters, several paintings and get such a high income for a month at such a young age. But it’s true! Moreover, not everyone can achieve this. Over 10 years of hard work have contributed to today’s success. This is “ten years of practice for the sake of one minute on the stage.”