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Should beginners in calligraphy practice on white paper or squared paper?

We all know that calligraphy is a culture that has been passed down from generation to generation in China for almost a thousand years. Learning calligraphy can not only give people the opportunity to write beautifully, but also change their state of mind. From the initial anxiety and tension, it gradually leads to calmness and pacification; for calligraphy people this is a great benefit throughout their lives. Learning calligraphy, however, is not an easy task and turns out to be quite challenging to practice.

It includes: posture when practicing calligraphy (that is, what we often call a sitting position, standing position, hand holding posture), the degree of hand control (strength of the beginning of a line, its completion), the order of exercises (top to bottom, left to right , first kaishu, then sinshu and tsaoshu, first large, then small hieroglyphs, from one to different styles), the basis of calligraphic training, etc. Many cannot fully understand whether it is better to practice writing hieroglyphs on white paper or on squared paper. This is a question that has been troubling people for a long time.

Some people think: it is necessary to train in calligraphy on white paper, because in this way a person will not be limited by the space of the paper, and the written hieroglyphs will be larger and will look beautiful. However, contrary to expectations, precisely because there will be no restrictions on paper, there will be no rules for writing, hieroglyphs will not necessarily look beautiful, moreover, they can be written crookedly and look very ugly. In addition, if you do not have a calligraphic base at all and at the same time you write randomly on white paper and still do not look at the script, in this case you will train your whole life without much benefit, and your writing can be compared to the work of a plasterer. And despite the fact that what you write will be hieroglyphs, it will have nothing to do with calligraphy.

To understand whether it is worth using squared paper in exercises in writing hieroglyphs, first you need to talk about the exercises themselves. What is a calligraphy exercise? Calligraphic exercise is placing a hieroglyph next to oneself and writing a new one, based on this hieroglyph. If you train without writing from a copybook, it is called blind writing and is not writing hieroglyphs. Then what is a calligraphic exercise square? Such a square is actually our helper in writing a hieroglyph, an example is a square in the form of a hieroglyph 田 (tián): the position of each line, the degree of inclination of the line, the length of the written line (position, direction, length, the three factors when training hieroglyphs) are the same. With the help of squares for writing hieroglyphs, it becomes more convenient to get acquainted with the structure and features of the traits of hieroglyphs in the scripts. But when the acquaintance with the structure of hieroglyphs is over, you can not use squares. Therefore, the editor of Shijiazhuang Zhuhan Education recommends the following to all novice calligraphy masters: first, it is better to use squares for training characters, which will help to master the structure and features of Chinese characters.