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Fang Xiaoming: teach calligraphy with feeling, teach beginners without forgetting their original goals

Fang Xiaoming grew up in a cultured and educated family in the area of ​​Three Quarters and seven lanes, from a young age she had deep calligraphy abilities. More than 10 years ago, Fang Xiaoming began to introduce calligraphic education to educational institutions, to conduct classroom lessons, devoting herself to the search for reforms and innovations in the field of teaching calligraphy in primary and secondary schools.

Fang Xiaoming founded the Calligraphic Society of the Green Bud at the school where she worked, in order to study the laws of calligraphic education. In 2013, Fang Xiaoming founded the Fuzhou Calligraphy Association Youth Calligraphy Database to create a platform for introducing calligraphic education in schools. For many years now, Fang Xiaoming has considered the expression “Improve the right energy in you” to be her motto.

Calligraphy has a positive impact on children’s education, but there is currently a shortage of calligraphy teachers. Fang Xiaoming proposed a workaround that can be called “qualified in one area and having abilities in many others,” and for a long time she tested this method by personal example, for a long time she carried out a guide to social welfare and trained dozens of teachers interested in calligraphy.

A good school is inseparable from a good director, and in the process of studying the development of the school, the vision of Fang Xiaoming gradually expanded. She promptly advanced the reform of calligraphy education, organized calligraphy lessons for two people, and each lesson in each group was led by two teachers, monitored the implementation of school exercises and gave guidance. At the same time, special training is being conducted for personnel in the field of calligraphy teaching skills in order to include calligraphic training of teachers in the work of the department. The training is carried out by well-known teachers, which helps teachers to raise their level in calligraphy.

Over the past few years, Fang Xiaoming has also gathered her practical teaching experience, compiled curriculum materials on school calligraphy, and filled in the gaps in the curriculum materials. Currently, school calligraphy textbooks presented in the first draft are officially used, and other school materials on the styles of Lishu, Zhuangshu, Sinshu, and Tsaoshu are compiled.

“To be a teacher for my whole life” is the original goal of Fang Xiaoming, but the process of fulfilling this promise, consisting of only six words, is full of trials. Since 1987, Fang Xiaoming has undergone four operations on her vocal cords due to their excessive tension, but her love of education invariably forces her to remain in her field. A hoarse voice will accompany Fang Xiaoming all her life and will witness her dedication to the cause of education and enlightenment.

Gradually built by brick, drop by drop, accumulated many years of experience in the classroom, in addition to teaching, Fan Xiaoming passes on to many young teachers, shares practical experience and educational ideas with them. Over the years, Fang Xiaoming devoted herself to teaching and research in philology in elementary schools, educated dozens of famous teachers. “High mountains and a winding stream”: students receive heartfelt instruction from a good teacher. Fang Xiaoming has been working hard at the forefront of education for over 30 years, putting feelings into traditional culture. Teaching others, she remembers her original goal, improves herself, opens her minds, inspires people, looks with hope for the innovative development of educational institutions. (Yuan Hao)