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Tanghu Art Gallery returns to work, visitors can sign up for a calligraphy exhibition

On June 30, the Tanghu Art Gallery, which is located in Tanhu Park, reopened its doors to visitors. On the same day, the exhibition Water and Ink of Tanghu – a Calligraphic Exhibition of Six Masters of Hubei Province was opened. Its visitors can stroll along the shore of the lake, as well as enter the hall to admire calligraphy works representing the highest art standard of calligraphy in Hubei Province.

At 10 a.m., correspondents from the Daily Changjiang newspaper and the Yangtze information site scanned the code at the northern entrance to the museum, measured the temperature, and entered the room. Employees treated the hands of visitors with an antiseptic. The maximum number of people who can visit the museum is 200 people (daily). Opening hours – from 10:00 to 16:00. After entering the museum, it is necessary to maintain a social distance of 1.5 m. It is recommended that the visit time should not exceed two hours.

During the period of prevention and control of the epidemic, an online exhibition was held at the Tanghu art gallery. On June 1, Children’s Day, this year, the Tanghu Art Gallery and the China Children’s Fine Arts Association jointly hosted the Time. National exhibition of outstanding works of children’s painting, participation by invitation. The exhibition was organized on-site, and thanks to the technology of digital panorama AR, 3D-effects, the children’s inner world was shown, which the children expressed with a brush.

Why, after resuming the work of the gallery, the choice fell on a calligraphic exhibition? The director of the Tanghu art gallery, Mr. Wang Signao, said that the series of exhibitions of this gallery – Water and Ink – was originally planned for the beginning of the year to coincide with the Spring Festival. However, its discovery has been delayed until now because of measures to prevent and control the pandemic situation. Calligraphy is an important art form on the path to the revival of Chinese culture. Chinese calligraphy, based on Chinese characters, is the aesthetic foundation of Chinese culture. From the day of its opening to the present moment, the Tanghu Art Gallery has always considered calligraphy an irreplaceable exhibition project.

The six-member group, which includes artists Xia Qixing, Ge Changyun, Zhou Dezong, Wu Zhonghua, Chen Signa and Tong Dejao, represented at this exhibition, is a regional calligraphy office that was recommended by Calligraphy newspaper a decade ago. After ten years of work, these masters became known as national representatives of the art of calligraphy. These national representatives – calligraphers – became the epitome of the rapid development and spread of calligraphy in Hubei Province.

The calligraphy exhibition features more than 80 works created by six calligraphers. The works are exhibited in halls 1 and 2, the total area of ​​the exhibition space is more than 3000 square meters. Exhibited works include works of uncial cursive writing, Sinshu and other styles. There are both voluminous, large-scale works, and elegant ones, and each work carries personality traits.