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“Modern Ink: The Art of Wu Changshi” is filled with personal meaning

The Modern Ink series features innovative painters starting from “the first Opium War in 1840 and ending with the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in 1966

China’s Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic Inspires Yemeni Student

Al-Kahtani’s family of five stayed in China during the epidemic. On February 20, he went to a local police station in Tianjin and left a handwritten letter in Chinese along with 500 yuan ($72).

War artist Zhu Mo created a monumental painting Zhu Jiang Hong in the style of Chinese painting in honor of the 93rd anniversary of the PLA

A huge painting of a flowering cotton tree in the style of Chinese painting by renowned martial artist Zhu Mo was recently exhibited at the Zhu Jiang Hotel in Guangzhou.

The At the crossroads of continents exhibition will open in Yakutsk

From August 5, 2020, the National Art Museum of Yakutia will host the At the Crossroads of Continents exhibition, which will present the works of outstanding masters who worked in the 18th – early 21st centuries and combined the artistic experience of the East in their art.

True craftsmanship is tested at the Shanghai Youth Exhibition of Calligraphy and Seal Engraving

“Determining the theme at the test site, creating the piece at the site, and counting the votes on the spot – this is the first time this is happening at the Shanghai Youth Exhibition of Calligraphy and Seal Engraving,” says Ding Shenyang, chairman of the Shanghai Calligraphers Association.

At Age 68, Chinese Brush Painter and Calligrapher Wu, LI-Ying Aced the Entrance Examination of the College of Art Design, Hsuan Chuang University

68-летняя китайско-тайваньская художница и каллиграф Ву Ли-Ин более 30 лет совершенствовала свое владение китайской кистью. Она заняла первое место на вступительных экзаменах и стала самой возрастной студенткой колледжа художественного дизайна университета Сюань Чжуан.

Art exhibition featuring works by death row inmates opens in Taipei

Twenty-two calligraphy works and Chinese paintings produced by 15 inmates are being displayed at the exhibit, titled “Not Who We Were,” organized by the Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty (TAEDP).

Guangxi Chinese Painting Conference Held in Nanning

On July 21, Nanning hosted a conference on Chinese painting, organized by the Guangxi Chinese Painting Society and co-organized by the Guangxi Meishu Publishing House

The Silk Road of the Master

The exhibition in the St. Petersburg gallery “Colors of Life”, dedicated to the works of the classic of Chinese painting, Jiang Shilong, will last until the end of July 2020.

Tanghu Art Gallery returns to work, visitors can sign up for a calligraphy exhibition

On June 30, the Tanghu Art Gallery, which is located in Tanhu Park, reopened its doors to visitors. On the same day, the exhibition Water and Ink of Tanghu – a Calligraphic Exhibition of Six Masters of Hubei Province was opened