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The exhibition “Ripples on the Inkstone — Exhibition of the 15 Disciples of Zhecheng” opens

On April 24, the exhibition “Ripples on the Inkstone — Exhibition of the 15 Disciples of Zhecheng” organized by Liaoning Province Calligraphers Association, Shenyang City Calligraphers Association, and Shenyang Daily Art Museum opened at Shenyang Daily Art Museum.

Qiu Ling, the famous contemporary calligrapher, donates calligraphy to the Jimo District Museum

April 22 was a cold and rainy day, but a heart-warming scene took place in the Jimo District Museum. Mr.Qiu Ling, a famous contemporary calligrapher in his 80s, drove from Qingdao to Jimo to donate his calligraphy work, Jingxi, to the Jimo District Museum.

Award-winning young artists featured in Penghu

The winning works by last year’s Chung-shan Youth Art Award winners are on display at the Hung Ken-shen Art Museum in Penghu County through May 16, the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, which organized the event, said in a statement on Saturday.

Wang’s creations welcome warm spring in Jiading

The exhibition showcases paintings by Jiading painter Wang Yuanchang featuring mountains, rivers, waterfalls, birds, flowers and people, most of which are recent creations and making their public debut.

Collection of great masters across the millennium — More than 200 masterpieces of the classical Hunan calligraphy

On March 20, people are admiring ancient calligraphy rubbings. That day an exhibition entitled “Hunan Classics — Thousand Years of Hunan Calligraphy” opened at the Meilun Art Museum in Changsha.

Huo Guoqiang “Kunqu and Calligraphy” Exhibition opens at Suzhou Art Museum

On March 16, the calligraphy exhibition “Kunqu and Calligraphy” opened at the Suzhou Art Museum to celebrate 20 years since the Kunqu Opera was proclaimed by UNESCO one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and to honor the 500th anniversary of the birth of Ming Dynasty dramatist Liang Chengyu

Beautiful women’s calligraphy! 50 works of fan calligraphy on display in Tianhe, Guangzhou

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Tianhe District Federation of Literary and Art Circles together with the Women’s Federation of Tianhe District held an exhibition “Warm Spring, Blooming flowers” — the 8th National Women’s Calligraphy Exhibition. 50 works of fan calligraphy by women artists are now on display in the lobby of the ground floor of Building No.1 of Tianhe District Administration.

Students wrote 80 scrolls of the Spring Festival couplets to welcome the start of the semester

Recently the Guangzhou Fangyuan Experimental Elementary School famous for its calligraphy held a Students Spring Festival Couplets Exhibition

Wang Yueling’s theory on the art of calligraphy

In the 1980’s Wang Yueling joined the army. In 1991 he worked in Kaifeng, where he immersed himself in Zhongyuan calligraphy community, absorbed the culture of the city, enjoyed the support and guidance of the great masters, he focused on studying calligraphy, and took to it like a duck to water.

“A Century of Kaifeng Calligraphy” art exhibition is now open

Kaifeng is famous for its calligraphy. There is an old saying among calligraphers that all calligraphers of China look at Henan, all calligraphers of Henan look at Kaifeng.  On February 9, “A Century of Kaifeng Calligraphy” art show opened at the Kaifeng Art Museum